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Callens Business Opportunities is a news and informational site pertaining to business and franchising. They provide engaging content to entrepreneurs looking to start a business and help match them to fitting business opportunities. Callens Business Opportunities provides marketing and lead generation services to top franchises spanning numerous industries. Callens Business Opportunities turned to Callens Digital Marketing for campaign management and a conversion focused website redesign and to help drive new business.

What we did?

Facebook Ads

Callens Digital Marketing initiated a complete overhaul of Callens Business Opportunities facebook advertising campaign to attract not only more clicks, but qualified clicks. The team assigned to Callens Business Opportunities designed more enticing ads to increase clicks and directly targeted people between the ages of 35 and 55 who follow entrepreneurial-minded publications.

Google Adwords

Upon reviewing Callens Business Opportunities Google Paid Search Campaign and ad spend, Callens Digital Marketing immediately recognized that the site was spending a large percentage of its monthly ad budget on low-converting keywords. Through competitor analysis and keyword analysis, Callens Digital Marketing whittled down Callens Business Opportunities paid keywords to include only top-converting keywords and also incorporate a broader range of keywords outside of those pertaining to franchising.

Email Marketing

Although Callens Business Opportunities employed its own email system, it did not efficiently market the site to a wide range of potential partners and clients. Callens Digital Marketing devised emails pertaining to B2B and B2C to engage both partners and potential leads. Callens Digital Marketing also designed and implemented a weekly newsletter to keep site visitors interested in franchising.


Callens Digital Marketing developed a weekly content strategy for Callens Business Opportunities that focused on high traffic/low difficulty keywords, keyword density, and high traffic topics that directly tied into the site. Callens Digital Marketing also performed a complete site audit in order to identify landing pages, client pages, and articles that needed to be refreshed to ensure optimal organic traffic.

Website Development

Callens Digital Marketing’s development team performed its own UX/UI site audit to identify features of the site that needed to be improved. Callens Digital Marketing recommended a complete site redesign to modernize Callens Business Opportunities, all the while making the site more intuitive and easy to use. Callens Digital Marketing also implemented measures to greatly increase site speed and generated internal ads to entice site visitors into requesting information.


It’s the chances you take in life that make dreams a reality. Callens Business Opportunities helps entrepreneurs invest in their dreams by connecting them with business opportunities and providing valuable news and information about franchising.

The Results

August 2020 vs. August 2019

Paid Traffic - Increase Website Conversions 100%

Organic Traffic - Increase of 723%

Website Information Requests - Increase of 14,300%

Site Speed - Increase from an F rating to an A rating

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