3 Content Marketing Tips to Supercharge Your Brand

Content marketing tips
  • James Notaris

    CPA, ESQ, Legal Editor

  • Steve Longo

    Digital Marketer

    In Brief:

  • Content marketing has never been more important than right now.

  • It can be used to grow your traffic, generate leads, and boost your brand recognition online. 

  • Check out 3 content marketing tips below to help supercharge your brand online!

Bill Gates famously said that “content is king” back in 1996, but it’s really amazing how prescient the multi-billionaire entrepreneur was. 

Content is indeed king these days. From blog posts to videos to infographics and everything else in between, content marketing has never been more important. But just how exactly do you leverage it to truly give your brand a major boost online?

Don’t worry, though. We’ve compiled 3 unique content marketing tips to supercharge your digital marketing efforts, boost your traffic, and help your site generate leads. Take a look below!

Refresh and Repurpose Your Existing Content

While creating quality content on a consistent basis is crucial, don’t forget about your existing content!

Instead, take a close look at your data in Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If a piece of content isn’t living up to its potential, update it to give it an SEO boost. This could include everything from adding new content, increasing the frequency of target keywords, adding images and videos to increase dwell time, reoptimizing the meta tags, and the like. At the same time, it can also be a good idea to freshen up old content that’s still performing well in order to make sure it stays competitive in the SERPs. 

Repurposing your existing content to create content in new mediums is also a great idea. That listicle blog post that’s been performing well? Turn it into an infographic! Have a case study that’s generated a lot of interest? Create a video about it! By doing this, you can easily come up with fresh content with minimal planning. 

Use SEO Copywriting Best Practices

When creating content, always be sure to use SEO best practices consistently. 

This means dropping your target keyword in your header tag and the first and last 100 words of your content, while also using it at about 2%-3% density throughout your content. In addition, make a point to include secondary keywords and break your content into brief paragraphs separated by subheaders as well as bullet point and numbered lists wherever possible for easy reading. 

By taking SEO into account as you craft your content, you can help it rank higher in the SERPs, generating more traffic and increasing your brand exposure. 

Focus on Quality and the User

Finally, don’t forget to focus closely on quality and the user experience. 

This is key when it comes to content marketing, as thin content that provides little relevant information for users will only hurt your SEO efforts these days. Instead, put yourself in the users shoes and focus on providing as much quality, relevant, useful information as possible, making sure to go back to proofread and edit several times to make sure your content is polished and ready to be published. 

Leverage Content Marketing to Give Your Brand a Boost Today!

Content marketing has never been more important for companies looking to improve their digital marketing presence. By refreshing and repurposing your existing content, using SEO best practices, and focusing on delivering quality content to users, your brand can distinguish itself from the competition and supercharge its content marketing campaign much easier than you’d think! 


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