3 Ways Customer Surveys Help Sales

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  • James Notaris

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  • Tyler Dikun

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    In Brief:

  • Customer surveys help businesses customize their products in a way that best fits their customers' needs.

  • Surveys also help track the efficacy of a business's services.

  • Customer surveys help businesses better understand their customers, a crucial aspect of expanding a business.

Thanks to polling services, the ability to reach out to existing or prospective customers is just a few clicks away, allowing businesses to interact directly with the market. Customer surveys, in particular, can be an information goldmine. Tapping into the minds of those who are willing to pay for the service or product you provide is a sure way to acquire more like-minded customers. 

Customer survey data is an invaluable tool for making business decisions, better understanding customer pain points, and achieving product or service innovation.

1. Surveys can help you customize your product

GPS tracking in the workplace is a hot commodity. What better way to find out what employees think than asking them directly, right? Many expected employees to raise privacy concerns and even push back altogether on the technology. But to make data-driven decisions means being objective, even when the data doesn’t agree with you. 

But to much surprise, more than half of the employees who have used GPS at work described the experience as positive, with just 4 percent giving the tech a thumbs-down. Respondents also say they generally don’t think twice about sharing location data as long as they trust the app or know exactly how the collected information will be used. 

2. Surveys can help you customize your service

Harvard Business School found that 95 percent of new products fail, so it’s suddenly clear how 1 in 5 businesses fail in the first year. In December 2018, Uber’s customer service teams updated their chat feature because customers said they’re often multitaskers who do not have the luxury of calling in.

But they can always open another browser window while doing everything else. Some can even type faster than they can speak! In addition to a new chat system, customers can now share screenshots with service teams to better illustrate the hurdle they’re trying to overcome.

In 2018 alone, customer service teams tackled over 182,000,000 chats. That’s almost 500 conversations per second. With a typical 12-second response time, surveys have saved customers more than 36,000 hours in administrative work. The lesson here is simple: When you listen to your customers, things can only get better, always.

3. Surveys can help you understand your customers beyond their businesses

At the end of the day, customers are more than an account number or a name on the screen. They love strong customer service teams because they genuinely care, especially when they say employee retention keeps them up at night.

By knowing pain points beyond their businesses, businesses have the opportunity to tweak their offerings using data that is unique to their customers. Businesses address their concerns with tips and tricks to best use a product based on customized needs.

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An unmatched customer experience

Just a decade ago, many small businesses still had to resort to direct mail or email to survey customers. Today, the same technology previously reserved for the big players is readily available for businesses of all sizes. And just as technology has evolved, so must businesses, to ensure the best customer experience from start to finish.

Customer experience is the culmination of all the points covered so far, from in-product messaging to product innovation and customer profiling. It is, in essence, how your customers see your business treating them, and it’s crucial to the success of your business. 

It has been found that customers are willing to pay between 13 and 18 percent more for what they perceive to be a luxury or indulgent service, based on the customer experience. In fact, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product. So before making your next business decision, be sure to involve your customers and listen to what they have to say. 


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