Boosting Brand Awareness In 5 Easy Steps

  • James Notaris

    CPA, ESQ, Legal Editor

  • Tyler Dikun

    Digital Marketer

    In Brief:

  • Brand awareness is vital when it comes to hitting your entrepreneurial goals.

  • Influencers can make a huge difference when it comes to boosting brand awareness.

  • Neglecting social media is a big mistake when it comes to boosting brand awareness. Social media has supplanted both print and tv as the optimal medium for advertising.

  • Google AdSense is an excellent way to ensure your ad dollars are going toward the proper audience.

Brand awareness is an important part of any healthy business. The simple fact is that if no one knows about your brand, it will be extremely difficult to maximize your sales output. There are several tried and true ways to boost your brand awareness and therefore increase traffic to your site. Here they are:

1. Hire Influencers

Influencers can be a powerful tool in your brand awareness arsenal. Influencers that have large following on social media make millions each year promoting products. While you may not have millions to spend, hiring local influencers to do ads for your brand or promote it on social media can make a huge difference. You can pay an influencer to tweet about your company, make a video using your product, or even do a product review. Some companies also choose to sponsor influencers by offering free products, clothing, and services in return for a shoutout on social media.

2. Dazzle Your Customers With Branded Packaging

Branded packaging is a great way to keep your brand in the minds of your customers. Packaging with cool graphics and made with interesting material will stand out above the rest. Branded packaging has become even more important in recent years with the rise of YouTube unboxing videos. Influencers make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by simply unboxing products. Products that come in unique packaging typically stand out, even if the product doesn’t. Finally, cheap packaging is one of the worst mistakes a brand can make. If your packaging looks cheap, damaged, or tampered, your consumers may infer there is something wrong with the product as well. You don’t want to make that mistake.

3. Optimize Your Content Through SEO Best Practices

SEO best practices are vital to boosting traffic to your site. If you’re a brand in a well-established industry like clothing or sports, you may find it difficult to stand out. By researching keywords with a low search-difficulty and high traffic that pertain to your brand, you can bring in a large amount of traffic to your site. It’s also important to optimize your landing pages with call-to-action text that makes potential customers want to stick around rather than bounce immediately. Brand awareness starts and ends with SEO, so make sure yours is running on all cylinders.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Channels

Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have completely changed the business landscape over the last decade. Brands have come to rely much less on print and tv as mediums of advertising and have turned to social media. Social media is also an excellent way to foster a dialogue about your brand. Brands can ask questions, host polls, and more to get their audiences talking about them. Brands are also increasingly using promoted posts to boost their following. Promoted social media posts occur when a brand pays for the privilege for their post to be seen by a large amount of people. Brands must embrace social media full-on or get left in the dust.

5. Use Google AdSense

Boosting brand awareness doesn’t just come through great SEO. It’s also important to maintain a targeted ad campaign to reach out to your desired audience. Google AdSense is a medium that brands can use to target paid ads where they need to go. If you operate a skateboard brand, you would logically want the majority of your audience to be interested in skateboarding. The worry with paid advertising is that it can be an incredible waste of money if your ads are being consumed by non-converting people  (people who would never buy your product or use your service). Google AdSense’s algorithm suggests the optimal audiences for your to target and boost your brand awareness.


Don’t Wait To Increase Your Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is vital for hitting your goals as an entrepreneur. By utilizing these five strategies, you can do exactly that. Make sure to examine the ways you excel at brand awareness and the areas you are lacking. Don’t wait to increase your brand awareness.


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