5 Content Distribution Ideas to Improve Your Marketing Reach

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  • James Notaris

    CPA, ESQ, Legal Editor

  • Steve Longo

    Digital Marketer

    In Brief:

  • Content distribution is a key part of content marketing. 

  • Some ideas include social media, email, and link building.

  • We explore 5 great content distribution ideas to help grow your brand awareness and content reach today!

“Content is king” has long been the mantra for success among digital marketers around the world. But just what exactly is the best way to get your content in front of your target audience?

Yes, SEO is commonly used and critical for success, but other ways are needed to make sure your content maximizes its reach. To that end, let’s examine 5 content distribution ideas in detail to help boost your digital marketing efforts!

Social Media Marketing

First and foremost, always use social media marketing!

Social media, it goes without saying, is a great way to get your newest content in front of audiences quickly. Besides simply posting it and moving on, contact relevant influencers and suggest they take a look and share it. This will help you tap into their own social network, expanding your content’s exposure even further and growing your brand awareness on social media quickly. 

Paid Social Ads

Similarly, paid social ads are another excellent way to get your quality content out there quickly and efficiently. 

If you have a piece of content that’s performing especially well, such as a whitepaper, case study or longform blog post, consider paid social media advertising. This will keep your content in front of your target audience much longer, increasing its reach and exposure. It can also be used as a way to drive conversions and boost organic traffic, if those are your ultimate goals. 

Social Bookmarking Sites

Sometimes lost in the shuffle of other digital marketing channels, social bookmarking sites remain a great way to distribute content to relevant audiences. 

These websites, which include Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, and StumbleUpon, among others, offer ways for users to share their favorite content amongst themselves. This offers a prime opportunity for brands to leverage, as their own content can be shared on these channels, putting it in front of yet another relevant audience. 

Illustration of a man with a tablet next to a megaphone surrounded by social media icons to represent content distribution ideas

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is yet another tried-and-true way to distribute your content effectively and at scale. 

Have a new landing page designed to boost conversions? Tell your newsletter subscribers about it! Just create a detailed whitepaper or case study that’s seeing a lot of organic traffic? Give it an extra boost with an email blast!

Email marketing may not be new or flashy, but it delivers strong ROI and remains a proven way to reach your target audience effectively. Leverage it to boost your content marketing efforts and drive your traffic and conversions higher! 

Link Building

Link building, a key component of offsite SEO, is another content distribution idea that digital marketers should leverage. 

This means pitching it to other relevant websites and blogs, dropping it in Quora answers and forum comments using white hat SEO practices, and linking to it in relevant press releases. Try to get it in front of as many people as possible with links! 

Leverage Content Distribution to Reach Your Target Audience

Simply creating quality content isn’t enough – you have to get it in front of your target audience efficiently! Fortunately, by using these content distribution ideas, your brand stands a better chance at getting your content recognized, leading to greater brand awareness, increased traffic and leads down the line. 


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