Here’s How PPC Is Changing For The Better

  • James Notaris

    CPA, ESQ, Legal Editor

  • Tyler Dikun

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    In Brief:

  • PPC ads are type of advertising in which an advertiser pays a fee for each click the ad generates.

  • PPC ads will begin to shift increasingly towards automation as machine learning algorithms monitor consumer behavior.

  • Artificial intelligence will take over the bid process and be able to accurately predict the efficacy of PPC ads.

  • Advertisers will need to be able to create PPC ads that seamlessly utilize voice search technology and virtual reality.

  • Smart segmentation PPC ads will only advertise to customers that do not make in-store purchases.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a one of the most effective ways to boost brand awareness. Under this method of advertising, a business is charged for each click on one of their ads. Therefore, a business can gain a relatively large amount of views to their ads if the ad is attractive. PPC can boost brand awareness in ways that organic traffic simply cannot match. Let’s dive into why PPC can be so incredibly effective and some new developments that marketers need to look out for 2021.

How Does PPC Work?

In a PPC search campaign, advertisers bid against each other for top spot on a certain keyword. The more in-demand the keyword, the hire the price-per-click. Keywords that garner a lot of traffic and lead to high conversion rate will naturally be bid up in price. Everytime a PPC ad is clicked, an action that sends a prospect to your site, you are charged. When your PPC campaign is running smoothly and targeted toward a profitable section on your site, this fee is a small price to pay. An ad that incurs a $2 fee per click is meaningless if one conversion leads to a $100 sale. 

Building the proper PPC campaign requires keyword research to see which keywords have the greatest chance at converting. Furthermore, PPC landing pages must be optimized with call-to-action text in order to make your prospect convert. Additionally, many search-engines including Google actually incentivize advertisers who provide useful PPC ads that are also easy to use. The search-engines may offer a reduced PPC fee if they deem your ads worthwhile.

5 PPC Trends To Look Out For in 2021

Automated PPC Campaigns

AI controlled PPC is becoming a viable alternative to manually operated PPC campaigns. Automated PPC through machine learning will be able to automatically generate performance reports, halt low-performing ads, determine the best bidding strategy, generate ads based on user behavior, and much more. Automated PPC ads will run at an optimal level unmatched by human intelligence. Although some critics argue that AI driven search engines have the power to foster division, a huge talking point by some in the cyber-community. 

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The rise of automation goes hand-in-hand with the rise of artificial intelligence. According to the World Economic Forum, the AI industry will be worth over $15 trillion by 2030. Through AI, advertisers will be able to predict the optimal bid price, predict if a prospect will convert, predict the click-through-rate of future ads, and optimize keywords to their fullest extent. AI will likely take over much of the role that advertisers play in analyzing consumer behavior and converting leads into customers. 

Voice Search Intertwined With PPC

Voice search has become an increasingly prevalent and useful tool in everyday life. According to one estimate, 50% of searches are already done by voice and over 50% of consumer searches will be conducted as a voice search by 2022. Voice searches will need to focus on long-tail keywords and want to attract people who are in the buy cycle. Marketers should also evaluate the search terms customers have used to navigate to their site and make these terms a priority.

Virtual Reality and PPC

Virtual reality is typically thought of through the lens of video games, but VR technology will begin to populate PPC as well. VR ads occur when the user’s eye becomes fixed on an ad for several seconds. The ad is then triggered, prompting it to begin playing. VR ads can also help consumers learn more about products by actually being able to interact with them on a physical plane as well. These VR ads will need to be targeted towards millennial and Gen Z consumers due to their prevalence in the VR realm and knowledge of the technology. 

Smart Segmentation PPC Ads

The video game industry has increasingly turned to in-game purchases known as micro-transactions. Although micro-transactions have become a popular way to make money, some gamers may never convert. Smart Segmentation ads monitor the activity of gamers to see which gamers make micro-transactions and which do not. Those who do not make micro-transactions will be shown PPC ads in order to still garner advertising revenue. Those who make regular micro-transactions will not be shown PPC ads.


Looking Ahead In The Field of PPC

AI and automation will play a larger role in all aspects of life, but especially in the PPC space. Furthermore, voice search, virtual reality, and smart segmentation will provide a dramatically different user experience, one that advertisers hope leads to an increase in sales. Businesses should take advantage of PPC in order to gain a large amount of traffic in the shortest amount of time. 


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