Lead Generation: How to Generate Leads with Digital Marketing

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    In Brief:

  • Lead generation is crucial for the success of any brand. 

  • A number of lead generation tactics exist in digital marketing. 

  • We examine how to generate leads with digital marketing in detail below!

Generating website traffic is always great, but every business knows that it all comes down to their bottom line in the end. 

That’s why lead generation is so crucial in digital marketing. By implementing a solid lead generation strategy, your brand can attract new customers and increase its sales in a cost-effective manner. But how exactly do you do this? 

Lead generation may seem complex at first, but by keeping these tips in mind, your business can do it effectively. We explore just how to do that below!

What is a Lead?

In digital marketing, a lead is defined as someone who’s shown interest in a business’ product or services. 

Generally speaking, leads hear from a business after opening with them as opposed to being cold called or cold emailed. For example, someone who submits their contact information for a free trial and receives a follow-up email from the company is considered a lead. 

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation in digital marketing is the process of attracting and converting users into people interested in your business’ product or service. It’s a crucial component of any brand’s digital marketing strategy, as it plays a key role in monetizing website traffic and building up a loyal customer base. 

An illustration of the sales funnel shows how to generate leads

How Do You Generate Leads?

Lead generation can be done in a number of ways. Here’s a quick look at how to generate leads effectively with various digital marketing strategies and techniques!

Publish Quality Blog Posts Regularly

Blogging is an excellent way to generate quality content to boost your brand awareness, grow traffic, and ultimately generate leads. 

Be sure to research your target audience thoroughly, create content that adheres to users’ search intent, use SEO best practices, and publish on a regular and consistent basis for best results! 

Created Gated Content

Creating quality content is great, but gated content is an even better way to generate leads!

What exactly is gated content? It’s content that’s available only to people who fill out a special form to access it, unlike blog posts and regular landing pages. This is a proven strategy that both gives your brand access to leads and the leads themselves access to your content. 

Case studies, whitepapers, reports, e-books, and guides are all popular forms of gated content. 

Use Chatbots

Chatbots can be used to set up meetings, schedule calls, and much more. Use them as a cost-effective and efficient way to get more leads for your business!

Create Useful, Interesting Newsletters

Newsletters are another great lead generation strategy. 

Pack them with valuable, informational content that positions them as must-read material in your niche. Some content ideas include new blog posts and landing pages, company updates, information about upcoming events, and special offers. 

Remarket to Users Who’ve Engaged with Your Website

Remarketing is another great way to generate leads. 

Use a combination of paid ads and email marketing to follow-up with users who’ve already visited your website. By keeping your brand on their radar screen, they’re more likely to convert. 

Target Top-of-the-Funnel Keywords

When crafting your blog posts and static landing pages, try targeting top-of-the-funnel keywords and building high-quality, engaging content around them. By targeting these audience-relevant keywords, you can draw users into your brand’s website and ultimately down the sales funnel. 

Leverage Social Media Marketing

Finally, social media marketing is an excellent way to generate leads. 

Post valuable content regularly, engage with relevant influencers, and position your brand as a leader in its niche. Also, be sure that your social media profiles contain not only your company’s general contact information, but the contact information for the people who specifically handle incoming leads. 

Boost Your Lead Generation Today!

Generating leads cost-effectively can be a great way to increase your sales and attract and retain loyal customers. Give these strategies and techniques a try to see how they can boost your business today!


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