What Will Social Media Look Like In The Future?

  • James Notaris

    CPA, ESQ, Legal Editor

  • Tyler Dikun

    Digital Marketer

Social media has been the most powerful source of communication since its inception in the mid to late 2000s. Although social media has been clearly defined as an instrument for instant transfer of photos, thoughts, and videos, there is a question as to its direction. Let’s explore the future of social media in its various forms and how thee world will be further shaped by its impact for generations to come.

Social Media and Recruiting

Facebook and Linkedin are the leading sources of recruiting in our current world. Gone are the days when candidates would submit resumes via the mail or email. Prospective employees can now easily apply for jobs with one push of a button. This has led to a large amount of applicants, whether qualified or not, overloading the application pool. Employers are circumventing this dilemma by using software to filter out applications that do not meet certain requirements. Candidates are now including keywords in their applications and cover letters that are searched for by the software.

Companies Will Favor Content Over Quality

Companies are now favoring the quality of content even more. In the past, big-name brands used their products and services as the selling point. Consumers now favor interesting or even viral content. Companies have spent the last decade launching social media campaigns, launching tv-ad campaigns – anything to garner the most amount of attention. The more clout these companies can garner, the better their profit margin will be at the end of the year.

Social Media and Social Activism

Companies will also begin to utilize social media as a means of public outreach and public relations. Every single Fortune 500 company now uses social-activism to its advantage to convey the sense that it is a morally sound enterprise. Many launch charities, produce social-justice content, or lean into socially-conscious conversations. These companies are even paying influencers a large sum to promote their products and help expand their efforts.

Social Media and The Age Of Trending Journalism

Journalism has undoubtedly taken a left-turn in the last ten years. Many news outlets now favor trendy stories and “gotcha” headlines to hard-hitting journalism that uncover actual stories. It can also be said that news outlets favor supporting their political side rather than telling a non-partisan story. Social media has made possible for news outlets to get their views across instantaneously rather than wait for the evening news or the morning paper. Whether for better or worse, this form of instant news has widened the gap between both left and right. Social media will continue to divide America if left unchecked. Journalists have been given a mandate to support their political side rather than write stories based on facts.

Social Media Of The Future

Social media will continue to be at the forefront of cultural and political life. Although there has been an effort by social media companies to moderate certain viewpoints, it is still very easy to share an opinion with the masses. Social media has become the prime source of communication for billions prompting companies to either catch up or be left behind.



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